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What’s Your Water’s IQ?

Hey Trendinistas, remember when being dumb was cool? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were getting their retardation on all over the television. Dumb and Dumberer was the #3 Grossing movie in the world and everyone was asking “Who Let The Dogs Out?” instead of realizing it was their own fault for bringing the dog to the dog run and leaving the gate open in the first place.

Well times have changed and being smart is in again, with shows like “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” and “Wife Swap” really challenging viewers. Glaceau, the makers of Vitamin Water, have upped the ante realizing that people are too smart to pay $3 for a gimmicky bunch of colored water with vitamins in it. Smart people are into being healthy and feeling smart. They don’t need the appeal of added flavor to draw them in, plus what’s healthier than the tasteless wonder that is water. I mean, hello, ZERO CALORIES! So what better way to capitalize on the trend of people being smart and liking water than with Smartwater.

The folks at Glaceau got the best water around by flying up to the clouds and bottling the vapor to bring you “purity you can taste” and “hydration you can feel”. This water has ions and electrolytes, words that we here at The Trendliest certainly consider to be “Trendly” (That’s friendly and trendy) to you the consumer. So we here at “The Trendliest” recommend that if you fancy being smart, healthy and trendy, go down to your local store and buy as much SmartWater as you can. You’ll be much better off for it, but don’t take my word for it…take Jennifer Aniston’s. She’s featured on their Billboard in the trendliest place of all…Times Square.

Cost $1.75/bottle on the avg.

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Close Shave

Everybody knows beards are trendy. Why are beards so obviously trendy? Well, I have a beard and I’m a trend setter so they must be in vogue. That being said, if you want to maintain your fashionable facial hair, you’re going to need the hottest beard trimmer there is. We here at The Trendliest recommend using the Remington MB-400 Titanium Precision Pro Rechargeable Vacuum Mustache & Beard Trimmer .

While it’s name might be a little on the long side that doesn’t mean your fuzz has to be. The Titanium boasts 9 preset lengths to make sure your goatee is good to go and that your five o’clock shadow doesn’t resemble midnight muttonchops. Our “Trendly” recommendation, stick to the 3 or 4 preset. Anything less and you’ll look like Mickey Rourke; anything more and you may run the risk of looking like former WWF Superstar Hillbilly Jim or one of the guys from ZZ Top whose last name isn’t Beard. The Titanium beard trimmer also has a neat vacuum feature that sucks up the hair you just shaved and sometimes flings it around the proximity of your sink…assuming you’re standing over your sink, making for easy disposal as you wash away your former bristles down the drain. That’s convenient and downright Trendly!

You can purchase this ideal beard buzzer at for a low price of $24.99. Just tell them “The Trendliest” sent ya…though they’ll probably have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Apple’s 3rd Gen iPod is on Fire!

Hey trend fans, your friendly neighborhood trend spotter, here to tell you what’s trendy now! Everyone knows retro is really hot. Most people are positively smitten with the 70’s, ecstatic about the 80’s, and totally nuts about the 90’s. However, here at “The Trendliest” we’re positively bonkers for the 00’s. In a world where we reminisce about last week, what’s wrong with being nostalgic for a product that came out in 2003? Answer, absolutely nothing! That’s why we’re singing the praises of our 3rd generation iPod.

Apple’s 3rd Generation iPod…or as I like to call it Old Trendy Reliable

Way back in ’03 you couldn’t fling a discman without hitting someone toting around one of these ancient devices and bouncing to Beyonce while ignoring oncoming pedestrian traffic. They weren’t watching a movie because these babies didn’t have that capability yet. How quaint. They did however have a shuffle feature, a backlight and great games like Brick, Music quiz, Solitaire, and Parachute that made a revolutionary game like Pong seem like Asteroids, but with a soundtrack of R.E.M’s “Radio Free Europe” or whatever you might be listening to at the time in the background.

The problem with today’s iPods is that they’ve got so much you can do. You can watch a movie, play a game, browse photos or listen to your favorite album. With all of those options it’s a wonder that users of the current iPod incarnation even have time to think. Maybe if I had one of my own I might think differently but the latest iPod Classic doesn’t jibe with my Mac OSX Version 10.3.9, alienating this user. That’s fine by me though because simple comforts are back in style and I’ll take my 5,000 songs over 40,000 songs any day.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these trendy retreads, just ask the guy or girl you know that you remember having one of these back in ’03. If they still have it, odds are they’ll sell it to you for $50 bucks at the most…and maybe it will be loaded with sweet tunes.

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