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You Can Handle The Truth!

Hey Trend fans, it’s your favorite friendly neighborhood trendsetter, back again to tell you everything you’ve been dying to know about what’s so now. If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll know that one of the hot button topics is waterboarding. Never mind what waterboarding is, all you have to know is that it’s a hot button topic and what are hot button topics if not a mixture of friendly and trendy. The other important things you need to know about waterboarding are that it’s a great way to find out secrets and the government says it doesn’t qualify as torture.

Ladies is your best friend holding out on how that date last night went? Are you sure she went all the way but she’s refusing to kiss and tell? That slut! Sure you’ve got your connections and could always ask around or look for that diary you know she keeps, but why not go straight to the horses mouth and get answers by using a method condoned by the U.S. Government! After your friend gives up the goods, that time you waterboarded her is sure to be a hot button topic between the two of you, and as we discussed before, hot button topics are trendly!

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Ouch, Tea is Hot!

Hey there trend following superstars, it’s your friendly trendy neighborhood Trendinista, here to tell you what’s hip and maybe even what’s hop. First of all, it’s hip to substitute the word “hop” whenever you want to say “hip”. That’s lesson one, but for lesson two we drop the P and replace it with a T to talk about something that’s literally and figuratively “hot.” I’m not talking about hell or your stove, or even the third season of Melrose Place. I’m talking about a wonderful beverage called Tea.

Drinking Tea has been “in” long before Ellen Degeneres was “out”. Rumor has it, it was developed by Chinese Asians sometime before Jesus. It’s been around almost as long as that other trendly drink, water. However, Tea doubles it’s trendliness with the simple fact that you need water to make it. How convenient!

Tea has taken a bit of a hit since the 80’s due to a conspiracy between Juan Valdez and Starbucks, who were responsible for that horribly addictive coffee beverage that makes your tummy hurt and keeps you up all night. While we don’t know who would want that over a deliciously soothing beverage with infinite flavors, we’d like to thank the Queen of England and Moby for bringing this hop hot beverage back with a vengeance.

p.s. For a special treat, try putting ice in your Tea!

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