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There’s Proof In The Pudding

Mirror Mirror on the wall, how’s the trendiest trend followers of them all? I hope you’re a hungry bunch today, because your friendly trendy tastemaker has a positively delicious and downright trendly snack ready for you to eat up–pudding!

Our newest trendly eat hasn’t always been so friendly. Back in the early 1600’s Dutch fur traders used pudding to lure unsuspecting Native Americans into bear traps so that they might steal their bison pelts. For the longest time the tasty, yet deadly treat had a negative stigma attached to it as it was largely responsible for the disappearance of much of the Native American population. The last recorded pudding-related Native-American bear trap death was recorded in 1989 and ever since then the consumption of pudding has been steadily rising.

The biggest boon to the pudding popularity occurred when uber-huge comedian Bill Cosby uttered the words “There’s always room for Jell-o pudding” whilst toting around a pudding pop for the entirety of his recent cinematic triumph, Leonard Part 6. Since that film, pudding has been in high demand. Everyone from hospital patients to the angels hovering around hospitals waiting for patients to die enjoys some pudding every now and again. Perhaps that’s because it’s available in such a variety of flavors, from rice, to chocolate, chocolate vanilla swirl and even blood. It’s nearly impossible to not find a pudding flavor you like. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life…and it’s also downright trendly. Three cheers for pudding! (Note: cheering aloud, not trendly).


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