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Male Enhancement On The Rise

Hey there Trendly fellows, did you get an eyeful of someone else’s jock whilst sashaying around the locker room? Was it exponentially bigger than yours? Don’t let that tiny case of penis envy get you down. You deserve to feel good about what the good lord gave you, and if you have more money than that other guy does there’s no reason you can’t engage in the latest health trend…a little something we here at the Trendliest like to call “Male Enhancement.”

Bob Dole Describes The Miracle of Male Enhancement

Yes, “Male Enhancement” has come along way since Viagra was invented in 1998 for the sole purpose of getting Bob Dole’s member to stand at attention. Now every man who’s just a tad insecure about their package can effectively remedy their earthly insignificance to the opposite sex by purchasing a Lamborghini and erecting a phallus-like building with their name on it followed by the word “Tower.” Not only does this compensate for a lack of manhood by showing off that one’s manhood is indeed eighty-five stories high, but it also gives said male a tower with their name on it, which pretty much makes up for an inability to accomplish anything else of note…in bed; just ask Donald Empire, the guy they named the Empire State Building after.

Donald Empire’s Manhood

If creating an architectural erection doesn’t do the trick, one might want to use some of that left over money (provided there is some left over after the building and the fast car and subsequent trips to fancy restaurants that aim at eventually getting to show off that newfound “confidence”) to invest in some “male enhancement” products offered via spam mail on the Internet or in TV infomercials. “Male enhancement” products have the power to make any man feel adequate due to their ability to manipulate the optical senses to convince oneself that indeed the stud in question’s member is indeed enviable. Unfortunately, there is no physical reality associate with these products but brain manipulation is just about next on the docket for trendliness, next to being well endowed of course.

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