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Think Outside The Box!

Greetings all you masters of your own imagination.  Have you recently been trying to flex your creative muscle only to have it slam into the wall of your padded cell upon full extension?  Don’t you think it would be easier to get your inspirational juices flowing away from the confines of a cubicle or cardboard box that you call home?  We do too, that’s why we here at Trendliest are recommending the latest friendly, trendly method in exercising your own ingenuity, thinking outside the box!

If you’ve ever suffered from a wicked case of writer’s block or painter’s brush, you know that the mother of invention doesn’t always let you suck at her teat, no matter how close you hover to her said teat.  While begging and pleading for something to happen sometimes forces brilliance, often times separating yourself from your source of torment – whether it be that one act play on the history of your patellar tendon or that song you’re writing for Avril Lavigne’s soulless new album- can accelerate your impulse to innovate and sometimes it’s just good to get out and smell the fresh air, or if you’re in a city, the cat urine.

The phrase thinking outside the box came about in the early days of civilation when great thinkers such as Socrates and Confucius would give advice to the emperors of their day.  It is a little known fact that both renowned philosophers were not in fact human, but were actually chinchillas.  When a great emperor or empress needed a wise word, he would simply take Socrates, Confucius, Archimedes, or Carl Sagan out of his pet container and propose a great question that called for sage advice.  Since no one ever heard these wise beings give advice while they were inside of their boxes, it was assumed that all of their knowledge was derived from being outside the box.

Modern Domesticated Chinchillas Rarely Hand Out Sage Advice

Modern Domesticated Chinchillas Rarely Hand Out Sage Advice

A Somewhat Ideal Spot for "Thinking Outside The Box"

A Somewhat Ideal Spot for "Thinking Outside The Box"

It is for this very reason today that many conference rooms are built in a non-boxy, circular arrangements to give the illusion of not being in open space by enclosing said space with windows overlooking the wonder that is mother nature, so that even the lowliest of employees might be inspired to come up with an idea that’s positively Chinchillan, allowing company higher-ups to milk their underlings for the friendly and trendy ideas that can be derived from “thinking outside the box”.

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  1. ben moi je voulais dire que moi aussi je vais avoir un chinchila et oui et moi il sera bébés

    Comment by mailys | November 12, 2009 | Reply

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