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Go Floral On Their Asses!

Hey Trendwipers! Do you use plain ol’ white TP when it’s time to do a number two? We here at Trendliest know that marshmallow hued two-ply can be such a snooze. Are you looking to spruce up your poop up? Well if transforming your throne area into a botanical garden sounds at all appealing, there’s no trendlier way to do so then by investing in some floral print toilet tissue.

Rather than be tethered to your toilet with the latest copy of Fine Gardening, floral print paper brings those lovely lillies to the lavatory or those charming carnations to the comfort of your can, without having to utilize that bidet as a flowerpot. While you may not fancy the smell of roses you can take comfort in knowing that these will eventually smell like poo poo. Perhaps the trendliest part about using these sunflower strewn squares is that rather than feel as if you’re using some processed product from a paper mill, each azalea adorned area harkens back to a simpler time when human beings tidied their down there area by brushing leaves and other assorted plant parts against their backside. Yes, floral print toilet tissue certainly brings us back to our roots even if those roots are printed with ink.

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Close Shave

Everybody knows beards are trendy. Why are beards so obviously trendy? Well, I have a beard and I’m a trend setter so they must be in vogue. That being said, if you want to maintain your fashionable facial hair, you’re going to need the hottest beard trimmer there is. We here at The Trendliest recommend using the Remington MB-400 Titanium Precision Pro Rechargeable Vacuum Mustache & Beard Trimmer .

While it’s name might be a little on the long side that doesn’t mean your fuzz has to be. The Titanium boasts 9 preset lengths to make sure your goatee is good to go and that your five o’clock shadow doesn’t resemble midnight muttonchops. Our “Trendly” recommendation, stick to the 3 or 4 preset. Anything less and you’ll look like Mickey Rourke; anything more and you may run the risk of looking like former WWF Superstar Hillbilly Jim or one of the guys from ZZ Top whose last name isn’t Beard. The Titanium beard trimmer also has a neat vacuum feature that sucks up the hair you just shaved and sometimes flings it around the proximity of your sink…assuming you’re standing over your sink, making for easy disposal as you wash away your former bristles down the drain. That’s convenient and downright Trendly!

You can purchase this ideal beard buzzer at for a low price of $24.99. Just tell them “The Trendliest” sent ya…though they’ll probably have no idea what you’re talking about.

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