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Better Late Than Never

Hello savvy seekers of the latest trends. Have you been putting off your daily duty of checking our site to find out the latest fashionable fad? Well if you have then you’re way ahead of the game, because the hottest method of doing just about anything these days is “Procrastination”.
Procrastination or the act of putting things off until they absolutely have to be done, is sweeping the nation.

The procrastination craze has been nearly 5,000 years in the making. The original procrastinator was Greek Philosopher Procrastines who never came up with any sort of theory until about one minute before he knew he was going to die. As he stood waiting to be stoned to death he was asked by the soldier in charge of his execution how he’d like to respond to the charge of having contributed nothing useful in the way of philosophy to society…Procrastines responded…”I figured I’d just come up with something really good at the last minute and it would be better because it was off the cuff…or tunic (translated from Ancient Greek)” and with that he was mercilessly stoned to death.

An Inaccurate Rendering of The Stoning of Procrastines

Since Procrastines’ death, tiny flashes of his philosophical influence have been popping up, though neverto officially recognize it as a trend. In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s the United States procrastinated in getting involved in World War II until Pearl Harbor was bombed and in 1986 Jimmy Chalmers of Deer Lick, Kentucky waited until the night before his Garden of Eden diorama was due to inform his mom that he needed a shoebox and some construction paper. Procrastination popped up yet again in 2003 when the Minnesota Vikings let the alotted 15 minutes expire before they made their first round draft pick. allowing both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers to pick before them.

The most telling sign that procrastination has finally become trendly is that it took nearly 5,000 years after the first incident of procrastination for us to declare it trendly. It’s trendliness is made even more apparent by the hasty manner in which we put this post together. As it was written a mere 5 minutes before the noon deadline we had set for ourselves to declare it trendly.

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