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Don’t Be Afraid of No Ghosts!

Hey trendbusters, if there’s something trendy in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Trendliest obviously. Today’s hot trend in the paranormal world is so Trendly it’s spooky. Ever since Sam and Molly Wheat demolished a perfectly good potential vase in favor of sex,
seeing Ghosts has been all the rage. We saw it four times in theaters and even own the dvd.

Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

However, these supernatural beings aren’t just making their trendliness known on your TV and in multiplexes existing in a time warp; they’re everywhere…under your bed, on top of the sofa,
sleeping with your girlfriend, and even in your closet next to all of those skeletons and that tub of vaseline. Super talented Indie Rock duo, The Indigo Girls were so totally in love with ghosts, they wrote a song about it. Though it’s not as good as Ray Parker Jr.’s classic tune about those who “bust ghosts.”

Brought Ghosts and Tantric Sex To Forefront of Pop Culture

So why are these apparitions scaring up so much hype? Well, we think it dates back to that Police album Ghost In The Machine, which had that awesome song “Demolition Man.” Rumor has it Sting played a killer bass line and had tantric sex throughout the entire recording of that song.

How The Dead Enjoy Eternity

Other trend experts think ghosts are the hop paranormal piece de resistance, because most people are overly sentimental and like to hold onto their false hope that their dead relatives still have some of influence on their lives. Little do they know their dead relatives actually just
like to haunt people they don’t know for the hell of it just because they can. Since most of them discovered that heaven doesn’t exist they have no better way to kill eternity and simultaneously get their kicks…and really what’s more trendly than getting your kicks at the expense of others.

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