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…And A Trendly New Year


Hey Trendly Friendlies.  Are you absolutely sick of 2008?  Let’s face it, the only good things to come out of this past year were world domination at the hands of the Chinese, the end of racism, that movie Step Up 2: The Streets and everything on this website.  Sure hearing that Britney is back was kinda good, but George Lucas and Steven Spielberg will ruin her sooner or later.  Besides, who wants to settle for liking something with the word “kinda” in it anyway?

In efforts to make sure that 2009 is much friendlier and trendier, we here at Trendliest are taking a trendspotting trip around the world, to find out all that’s hop, hot, and next  in the worlds of fashion, passion, and small plastic containers.  When we return we’ll be all set to unleash an entire quart-sized tupperware container full of whoop-ass to knock your trendly socks off of your feet that are totally wearing last year’s LeBron James sneaker.

So brace yourselves, because in three weeks the trendliness of The Trendliest returns and you’ll be powerless to stop it unless you have a riot policeman’s shield.  In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Trendly New Year.

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