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What’s Your Situation?

Hello my trendly friendlies.  Do you have something to talk about, but don’t want to wait til Bonnie Raitt shows up to discuss it?  Whether you’ve got a crisis a brewin’ or just some tasty new decaf mocha java, you’re going to need that special place in your casa to discuss it.  While some people will happily settle for the den or that creepy garbage room in your apartment complex where it’s rumored the super disposes of the bodies of past tenants for their all important conversations, the latest friendly trend in home decor is to designate a certain space as your “Situation Room.”

Go From This...

Go From This...



The original situation room was created by Presidential hottie JFK in 1962 after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Unfortunately most Americans were too busy building bomb shelters, a.k.a Subterranean Life Sustaining Rooms, (SLSRs) to concentrate on making their above ground homes all the more fabulous and failed altogether to capitalize on this trend.

The Original Situation Room Or The Unpopular Kids Cafeteria Table

The Original Situation Room Or The Unpopular Kids Cafeteria Table?

In the year 2002, the Panic Room named after the David Fincher film of the same name, became a short-lived trend in home design.  Most families, however, never had occasion to protect Jodie Foster from determined thieves and thus quickly dismantled their secure havens.

Imagine, Your Very Own Wolf Blitzer

Imagine, Your Very Own Robot Wolf Blitzer

Then, on one shiny summer evening in 2005 CNN debuted their program The Situation Room…and slowly but surely “Situation Rooms” have been popping up in homes all over the world ever since.  The majority of these rooms come equipped with a minimum of six chairs and a huge touch-screen map that comes in handy for training your kids for impending punditry or just planning that long-awaited family vacation.  And if you chip in a few extra bucks we’re sure your interior decorator just might include an animatronic Wolf Blitzer.  Being prepared for any sitch and having a robot celebrity in your home, what’s more friendly and trendy than that?

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