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The Stamp of Approval

Hey trend-collectors, Are you looking for a new hobby you can really STICK to without it costing you an arm and a leg? Well, you can cross out gun collecting since a mistake might actually cost you a few brain and skull fragments; baseball cards are right out of the question because of the potential for nasty paper cuts. If you really want an activity that gives you the official trendliest STAMP of approval, why not take up philately…or in layman’s terms: Stamp Collecting!

A Hunka, Hunka Burning Postal Love

Being a successful stamp collector can be a rewarding, yet difficult undertaking. You have many friends in your quest to acquire as many stamps as possible. However, there is no greater ally or enemy than the post office. The post office can be both a source of delight and dastardly doom. Not only does this national “by land, sea, or air, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, ’til death do us part” letter couriering behemoth have the ability to aid you in acquiring stamps by issuing rare images of Fat Elvis on postal currency, but on the flipside they may also ask, nay demand you use that cherished Fat Elvis image should you feel the need to pay your bills or tell your friend working at the General Mills Cereal Factory in Battle Creek, Michigan that you miss them in a lengthy four paged soul confession.While the post office can certainly giveth and taketh away, they can also giveth again if other stamp enthusiasts should happen to feel compelled to use the post office to show you about their latest rare stamp finds by including them as postage.

Food Stamps: Now Available in Scratch ‘n’ Sniff!

However, if the romance of the relatively archaic institution of snail mail doesn’t seem to pique your interest in the hobby, there are other ways of collecting stamps. For those who’d like to go out and see the world you can pursue a hobby of collecting passport stamps in lands as distant as Peru or Persia. Or if you’re more of a homebody, you can avoid all of that travelling and effort by being gainfully unemployed and and sitting at home watching “The Maury Povich Show”, while collecting food stamps. While the latter isn’t necessarily adventurous it’s certainly friendly and trendy in that it allows you to find out once in for all whether or not all of those contestants are lying about being a certain baby’s daddy.

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