The Trendliest

A Friendly Guide To The Latest Trends

Who Cares?

Hey Trend activists, did you know that there’s a war going on in Iraq? “Whatever”, you say? Well okay, if that’s how you feel about then you’re positively trendly because being apathetic is the latest friendly trend sweeping the nation.

Whether Seal is playing at your local concert hall or endangered baby seals are being clubbed by poachers, being totally apathetic is the first step in not doing anything about the matter. While many advocates for positive social action have deemed apathy to be a societal problem that begets more undesirable circumstances, efforts to end it have gone largely unrewarded due to overall lack of interest.

We’ll Catch Him On The Next Tour

The first attempt at quashing the apathy epidemic took place in 1996 at Ramapo High School in Spring Valley, N.Y. when the Ramapo End Apathy Program (REAP) was instituted. The program’s goal was to get students more involved in community activity, but students instead marked this initiative by telling other people they’d just been “reaped” and forgetting to attend meetings, which served to actually enhance the trend.

Apathy still thrives today inasmuch that we’re entirely too uninspired to even expound on the matter. Now that’s what we call trendly.

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