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Change We Can Believe In

change-we-can-believe-inAre you looking to alter the course of history for the better, but aren’t completely sure how to go about  it?  Well, it’s not going to just happen as you sit in your fancy Washington offices passing bills and sleeping with sexy interns. If you want society to start building towards a better tomorrow (depending on your definition of a better tomorrow), there’s only one friendly and trendy way to do it and that’s CHANGE.

The End All Be All of Sexy Interns

Monica Lewinsky: The End All Be All of Sexy Interns

Yes, Trendocrats and Stylepublicans “Change” may have been the watchword this election season, but it’s been a hot-button topic for quite some time now.  It’s on the tips of the tongues of the East Coast homeless elite as they reach out their coffee cups demanding it, it’s on the fingertips of those passing through tolls, the minds of southern farmers switching from their pajamas  into their plowing clothes at dawn each morning, and yes it’s even on the mind of those who would rather watch something else during commercials.  But before all of that beeswax, the idea of “change” was both friendly and trendy to the first man, Adam.

You Think Those Farmers Were Born Wearing Those Close...No.  They Had To "Change" Into Them

You Think Those Farmers Were Born Wearing Those Clothes...No. They Had To "Change" Into Them!

If it weren’t for Adam’s need to obtain one of his required daily servings from the “fruit” food group from a  source other than lingonberries, the whole of mankind would be stuck in the Garden of Eden not being allowed to eat apples while ignoring the advances of serpents and the fairer sex.  Thanks to the “Big A” and his need to change up his diet and sample something delicious, our species has spread change all over the world- transforming it from a wonderful wilderness into the beautifully smog ridden wasteland of industry that we know today.

Adam and Eve Usher In The Initial Era of Change

Adam and Eve Usher In The Initial Era of Change

Up until recently, the way we ushered in political change in the United States had stayed mostly the same.  The longstanding traditional method was to have one rich, white conservative leader  replace another of equal or lesser value -similar to the way one would change from one pair of tighty whities into another in the morning.  Alas, a new day has come ladies and gentlemen.  With the election of Barack Obama -a minority- to the White House, changing the way we change things has become the new way to transform ourselves.  So the next time you put your underwear on or decide you’d rather watch Access Hollywood over Entertainment Tonight, remember, you can change those things the conventional way or you can change the way you change them (i.e. using a shirt instead of undies to cover your junk or just not using the remote) and be the friendliest, trendiest person you can be.

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