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Eh, Canada?

Greetings fellow members of the all-powerful Trenderati.  It’s 2009 and Trendliest has returned from it’s lengthy travel hiatus with a sunny new outlook on what will be friendly and trendy for the year ahead.  Having just trotted halfway around the globe, it’s only natural that our first find of ’09 is this year’s destination du jour.  While the eyes of the world seem focused on the glow emanating from the United States of America thanks to the inauguration of their first President that won’t be using bronzer, travelers might feel the need to avert their eyes in order to see what the  next friendly trendy hotspot on the horizon is.

Provided they’ve tilted their gaze in the right direction, they’ll come face to face with the nanooks of the Great White North.   Having received scant spotlight as the land of the free and the home of the Quebecois, we here at Trendliest think it’s about time Canada got it’s  destinationly due.


Canada is much more than Britain’s frigid, nearly uninhabitable, non-resistant consolation prize for colonization.  It’s the only actual area in the world where Queen Elizabeth II still  holds sway over any important government issue.  Despite, not actually being in charge of itself,  the Great White North has plenty going for it, with a plethora for activities and culture for tourists to sink their heels into provided the ice isn’t too thin.

The Icy Beaches of Canadia

The Icy Beaches of Canadia

Not only does North America’s  other other country bear responsibility as the birthplace of such rich cultural concepts as Curling, Celine Dion , and confusion; but they also play host with the most to a variety of cities with funny names.  Once inside the borders one can get hearty laughs by posing in front of signs for cities like Bamff, Guelph, and Saskatoon.  If one so chooses they might enter one of those cities and take in a hockey match or perch themselves on a street corner to watch the ever popular All Canada Constant Dogsled 500 Race pass through town for a fleeting moment.

Curling, Yet Another of Canada's Confusing National Pastimes

Curling, Yet Another of Canada's Confusing National Pastimes

While many of the world’s destinations have the fear of falling to international terrorism, Canadians are so confident in their safety that Canadian-born Counter-Terrorism expert Kiefer Sutherland and his daughter, Elisha Cuthbert have been outsourced to the United States track down potential threats, while Pamela Anderson uses her special skills to keep tabs on some  “Very Important People” in the Los Angeles area.

With Pamela Anderson Across The Southern Border, Canadians Must Rely on The Ill-Prepared Mounted Police

With Pamela Anderson Across The Southern Border, Canadians Must Rely on The Ill-Prepared Mounted Police

Yes, Canada has it all, safety, curling, and did we mention the 2010 Winter Olympics?  Oh we forgot that one.  In that case, Canada will be a friendly and trendy destination all the way into 2010.  Rejoice, eh?

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Greetings Trendly nation! Do you like animation? Do you like bizarre game shows? How about laughing at people who are different than you because they say things with an accent and don’t necessarily have a rudimentary understanding of your language? Well, then making light of Japanese culture is certainly a friendly trend that you can get on board with.

Yes, Americans have been enjoying Japanese culture since an unknown wall street banker enjoyed his first rolls of Sushi after an all night cocaine binge back in 1982. Prior to that, the only things about Japan Americans celebrated had something to do with a giant mushroom cloud or their fancy new CD player. Since then, major multi-national corporations and people all over the United States have caught on to the fact that Japanese people are amusing and that exploiting their culture is a relatively harmless practice.

Disembodied Japanese Heads Rank High On The Fun-o-meter

Companies like Six Flags with their “more flags more fun” ad campaign, The Food Network and FOX with their adaptations of Japanese game shows have done a wonderful job of co-opting the fun things about Japanese culture, such as their penchant for utilizing the appeal of shouting, disembodied heads; zapping all of the personality out of them by using them for monetary gain even though their quirkiness and excitability doesn’t necessarily translate into the culture of the particular country they inhabit.

Pikachu: “Collect Me, I Love You”

There have been a few cases, such as Pokemon and Nintendo, where Japanese culture has been translated successfully into American culture. However, both of those instances were undertaken with the guidance of Japanese businesses with the aim of exploiting the American population for their own commercial gain and VIP seating at Karaoke bars…which is not trendly. The last time America let that happen was with Belgians and the cartoon lovingly known as “The Smurfs” and we all know where that led.

The Smurfs’ Success Caused Irreparable Van Dammage

Things can only be friendly and trendly if we here in the United States co-opt other people’s culture. That way no one gets hurt and we can continue to be our blissfully ignorant selves, which the last time we checked has always been trendly.

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